Sunday, 17 May 2009

Discover Alicante

Alicante - the charm of Spain

Alicante is an ancient port on the Spanish coast. In the past, it was city of Iberians and Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans. Later on, it became an important strategic point, facing Arab conquest and the Spanish Reconquista.

Today, Alicante is one of the most vibrant touristic places in Spain. Situated between kilometres long sandy beaches and rocky hills, Alicante attracts several hundreds thousands tourists each year. It offers a true Spanish flavour, modern lifestyle combined with rich historical heritage and friendly atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy excellent weather all year round, stunning beaches, wonderful seafront promenades and a lot cultural events. You can visit rich museums, impressive castles, theatres and medieval churches.

However, the first thing you will notice is that Alicante is full of diverse bars, pubs and restaurants. In almost every street, there is a place to have a snack or take a coffee. Most of Alicante restaurants offer you delicious Mediterranean dishes in a typical Spanish atmosphere. There is a variety of traditional seafood, the famous Spanish jam, tasty potato tortillas or celebrated paella alicantina. And, of course, the excellent Spanish wine! Very often, I prefer to go to Chinese restaurants, that are relatively cheap and offer tasty menus. Other people from Alicante agree with my choice - sometimes there is a queue on the street in front of favourite Chinese restaurants; so many people wait to get a table in the evening. Other recommended international restaurant chains are Subway (there is one in Explanada promenade) and Fresh&Co (offering good vegetarian menus).

Whenever you decide to visit our city - in summer or in winter - you will always have a great time in Alicante !

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  1. Alicante é lindo! Quem sabe um dia ainda vou conhecer .Obrigada por ser meu seguidor .