Friday, 1 April 2011

Discover Heritage of Spain In A Exciting Way While Traveling to Cadiz

Cadiz Spain is only a small metropolis situated in the western part of Europe. It is regarded as the most ancient place in the province that was established at least 3,000 years in the past by Phoenician seamen. It had become afterward important commercial harbor in the region.

Europe has a lot of ancient artefacts to offer to holiday makers. In comparison to other vacation spots world wide, Europe is very unique with a feeling of historic past. One of the many countries in europe, Spain is fantastic for the reason that even prior to the colonization times, this state had a key engagement in every major events in the world’s history. So, expect to see an exceptionally useful learning experience any time you take a trip to Spain, particularly in Cadiz.

If you do like history and archaeology, the places of interest in Cadiz would be the fantastic hotspots for you. There are many historical artefacts you'll find throughout the old town. Your views from left to right will be loaded with attention-grabbing items of history. To even more feed your hunger for more personal encounters with history, checking out the the Plaza de Mina is necessary. This specific Plaza is generally called the city’s archaeological museum and you'll discover interesting reveals for instance the two (2) well-known Phoenician stones referred to as the Sarcophagus.

After that, your feet will certainly lead you to the historic town’s majestic Cathedral. What exactly you can do here is go higher up to the top area of the North Tower and have a look at outstanding look at the complete old urban centre. Remember to get your photographic camera at hand so that you can not miss out on the occasion to grab your moment with the old city’s sight on the background.

As you are already within the cathedral vicinity, optimize your time and energy by checking right behind the Cathedral. Within this location, you could find the spectacular remains of the classic Roman Theater.

Immediately after you arrive at Cadiz, you can go walking around the area. You may be believing that going for a walk is quite a tedious and boring undertaking to do. Let me tell you, the antique town of Cadiz will definitely show you absolutely wrong. For the reason that the Cadiz holidays includes the full old city and not simply a couple of places or attractions. During the time you wander down this city, you are going to be astounded by the vista of colossal stone walls and also fortifications, which all encircle the old town. These were created in 1596 as a way to secure the town against the British. These days, you can take a look at both the San Sebastian Fort and Santa Catalina Fortification while having your holiday as these places of interest are usually open for the general public to praise the rich past background of the city.

Make sure you not to neglect to pass by the world’s recognized Oratorio de San Felipe Neri, which is filled up with beautiful marbles together with plates of delicate bronze. These elements of the cathedral turned out to be crafted with a purpose to give honour to the delegations from Spain and also other administrators from colonial regions of the kingdom from all around the world for instance the Philippines as well as other regions in South and Central America. This place was quite unique as this is where the first documented Spanish Constitution was officially approved.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Cheap Parking Alicante airport, the ideal solution for the traveler

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Alicante Car rentals

Car hire in Alicante is the order of the day, as many companies that are devoted to it, thanks to the main asset of the city and provincial tourism.ᅠ
In Alicante you can visit from the marina through the Esplanade deEspa￱a and Canalejas Park, getting to the Rambla Mendez Nuñez until you reach the Plaza of Spain, where the Plaza de Toros in the city.ᅠ
But you can also visit the beaches: the Playa del Saladar closest to the airport, Playa del Postiguet in a few meters from City Hall and the San Juan beach north of the city.ᅠ

In the center of the city we can see the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Town Hall, visit the beautiful district of Santa Cruz and walk and enjoy views of the city from El Castillo de Santa Barbara.ᅠ
Also can not miss a visit to MARQ, Archaeological Museum of Alicante.ᅠ
In the north and interior of the province are two parks:ᅠ
- El Parque Natural de la Sierra de Mariola with municipalities Agres, Alfafara and Alcoy, among others.ᅠ
- Natural Park of Font Roja Carrascar between Alcoy and Ibi.ᅠ

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Events in Alicante, March 2011

For all fans of Victor Emmanuel, the Auditorium of Alicante, has reserved a specialsurprise. This is a free poetry reading was held on March 16,accompanied by the poetIgnacio Alghero part of the 'Poéteame'.

The truth is that the initiative aims to bring poetry, the literary genre that sometimes we have so forgotten the general public. And being a character as well known as VictorManuel, and by providing the event free of charge, to be sure that success is guaranteed.

However, Poetéame cycle, which is the guest of honor Victor Emmanuel to this freepoetry reading Auditorium of Alicante, is just one of many events on the agenda to be held in the auditorium. Moreover, activities are scheduled until May, and most are free.So we will place it as a good place to make ends meet.


From 8 to 13 March will take place at the Casino Mediterranean Alicante VI the second stop of Poker Championship in Spain. The event, sponsored by, hopes to raise as before to the best card of our nation who will come to this privileged to enjoy that has become the largest poker circuit levelnational. On this occasion, participants will get another chance to score points in the overall ranking of the championship, also significant amounts of pocketing cash depending on their classification in the tournament. Thus, the winners may begin to distance themselves from the rest of their competitors and begin to tip the scales in your favor in the face of the Grand Final to be held at the Casino de Barcelona at the end of the year.

The main event will take place on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 March from 19:00 hours, while the final will be held on Sunday 13 at 19:00. The entrance fee is 600 € + 60 €, but players can also qualify through supersatélite tournaments to be held on Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 March at 20:00 hours, with a price purchase well below the main tournament freerolls or organized, consisting of daily freerolls to play free CEP. Also, on Saturday 12 at 22:30 will take place the beginning of the tournament, both with a price of 250 € + 25 €, whose final phase will be held the next day at 19:00 hours.

Last year, the Casino Mediterranean brought together a total of 237 registered between the two-day main event, a number that organizers hope to overcome this year. In the 2009 tournament, was proclaimed winner from Murcia Imbernón Eustaquio "Tato", who took home a check worth 39,000 euros. Also, Serge Attyasse, who had been raised in France but now lives in Alicante, won second place getting a check for 19,500 euros succulent and third ranked Alejandro Ochando, who won 9,600 euros.

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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Spain Destinations

By having a long history of being the cultural and financial centre of the Balearic Islands, the reasons to travel Palma de Mallorca are already more than enough to convince tourists and visitors.

If you are looking for a destination that will feed your appetite for dancing and drinking on an earth-shattering party, then Ibiza is the ideal destination for you. By having a name that was derived from the Phoenician word “Ibossim,” which means dedication to the god of music and dance, this place has really lots to offer to party goers.

Are you looking for a paradise-like beach? Then stop searching for the beaches of the tropical Asia. Don’t look too far because you can find this in Spain, specifically in San Sebastian.

Cadiz Spain is just a small town in the western part of Europe. It is considered as the oldest city in the region that was founded more than 3,000 years ago by Phoenician sailors. It was then treated as the commercial foundation in the region.

If you are looking for an exceptional side trip on your vacation to Europe, you must never forget to pass by Almeria Spain, which is also popularly known as the land of magnificent scenery. The place is also tagged with a title of being the “Mirror of the Sea” because this is what its Arabic name literally means.

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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Travel Malaga Spain

New website offering tourist information about Costa del Sol and Malaga.

Check the new map of Malaga with detailed review of road network in Malaga province.

Golf Holidays in Alicante

Check our list of Golf Clubs in Alicante, offering golf lessons during the tourist season.

Alicante Golf Courses

The region of Alicante and Costa Blanca has become very popular among golf enthusiasts from all over the world. Here, you can enjoy excellent golf resorts, many sunny days, beautiful sea and long sand beaches.